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Who doesn't love accordians??

[Intro: Drake & Big Sean]
I feel blessed
Way up, I feel blessed
Way up, I feel blessed
(Straight... look)

Wanna know why accordians are so cool?


[Verse 1: Big Sean]

I live the life I deserve, blessed
Skip a vacay I feel better at work
I mean whatever it's worth, I give whatever I'm worth
For my homie who gon' go to Hell and back for me
I'mma give 'em Heaven on Earth
Or a hell of a check, yeah, whichever come first
Blessings on blessings on blessings
Look at my life, man, that's lessons on lessons on lessons
I treat the beat like it's a reverend
I tell the truth like father, forgive me, these are all my confessions
Man, this wasn't luck, it was destined
I done lost homies who been with me since Ed, Edd n Eddy
Who flip like confetti
And then when you back, they back to call you "dog"
That chick get-get petty, don't give no dap to me, ****
Funny thing about talking behind my back
Is that it just keep coming back to me, 
Was off for a sec, now it's back to me, now you mad at me
This ain't what I want, man, this what it had to be
This is that late night working after three, man
This is why my old girl was mad at me
This why I'm your majesty, man
The clique is the tightest, the grip the tightest
The drinks are the coldest, the future the brightest
The feat not divided, the love is divided
And I just gotta thank God that we got it
I don't know what I would do without it
Crew look like we robbed a bank, but all we make is deposits
Your prophet will profit, oh God

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And now, a word from Drake

I'm here for a good time not a long time, you know I 
I haven't had a good time in a long time, you know I 
I'm way up I feel blessed, way up I feel blessed 
I'm way up I feel blessed, way up I feel blessed…

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