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Exciting ELI Test Page with No Mistakes At All

Willow and her evil vampire doppleganger.


February 23, 1999

Anya asks Willow to help her with a spell, trying to get her necklace back from the alternate universe created in "The Wish." It goes wrong, though, instead bringing Willow's vampire doppelgänger into the Buffyverse. After attempting to take over Sunnydale, and grossing Willow out by being a bit toofriendly, Vampire Willow is captured and sent back to the alternate universe, where she pops in just in time to die the same death she died in "The Wish."

The Doctor and Mel decide to visit Paradise Towers, a residential complex that promises a peaceful life to its residents. However, the establishment is far from what its name suggests. A conflict persists among the Kangs, humanesque, multicolour beings who gather in opposing gangs based on which colour of the rainbow they bear. Furthermore, killer cleaning robots prowl the halls, and a secret in the complex's basement poses the greatest threat of all