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Central Campus - Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Students, Faculty and Staff sessions will be every Monday and Thursday from 12 -12:30pm, G243 Angell Hall.  

Students, please sign up using the Google form

Faculty and staff, to be added to the email reminder list, please contact Erin Trame at

North Campus - Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Wednesdays, 12-12:30 in EECS 3433

Students, please sign up using the Google form

Faculty and staff, to be added to the email reminder list, please contact Dmitry Berenson at  

Other Sessions

  • Tuesdays, 12-12:30, Being in Tune @ The Ark (at the Ann Arbor Downtown District Library, 3rd Floor for September 4, 11, 18 and 25 )

  • Fridays, 12-12:30 via Zoom. Join with this link:

KORU Mindfulness Program

Thursdays from 4:00 - 5:30pm (10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25)
G243 Angell Hall

During this 4-session course you will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness and learn several skills, including meditation, for managing stress and enriching your life. Mindfulness is about developing the ability to be fully attentive to all the moments of your life, reducing the amount of time you spend worrying about the future or fretting about the past. An important aspect of mindfulness is developing a non-judgmental, accepting, even curious, attitude about your moment-to-moment experience. The more you develop this attitude, the less you will feel overwhelmed by changes and challenges in your life.

Koru is designed to introduce you to the practice of mindfulness and get you well on your way to developing this important skill. Like learning any new skill, it takes practice to get comfortable with mindfulness. We invite you to devote yourself to the study and practice of mindfulness over the next four weeks, and we challenge you to stay curious about what evolves for you as you persistently and patiently practice living mindfully. We also have a free mobile app to track meditation practices for this course!

Register today before the seats are filled! 

For any questions, please contact Hitomi Katsumi at

About Mindfulness@Umich

Students can sign up for Mindfulness@Umich on this form.

Take a moment to pause and “catch your breath” amid your busy and hectic schedule.  

Who can attend?

Mindfulness@Umich is a program that is available to all University of Michigan students, faculty, and staff. The sessions are 30 minutes long, flexible, and free.

Who leads the sessions?

The sessions are led by a group of students and staff who have received training to lead the 30 minute sessions. They also have personal practices.

Mindfulness@Umich Leaders

  • Dmitry Berenson, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Heather Goetsch, Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering
  • Erin Trame, Coordinator and Academic Advisor, Newnan Academic Advising

What should I expect?

I signed up a long time ago, can I begin coming now?  
No problem. The sessions are drop-in and are meant to be flexible.

I'll be a few minutes late. Will this be a problem?
Not at all. Stop by as soon as you can and stay as long as time allows. The sessions begin on time. If you have to enter late or leave a little early, we just ask that you do so quietly.

Are the sessions always in Angell Hall? 
We almost always practice in Angell Hall, but ​when the weather is nice, we might have a session in the Law Commons Courtyard or in the Arb.  

Is there anything that I need to know about the sessions? ​
The meditations are guided (which means there will be speaking throughout the meditation) and they ​last ​for 25 minutes. We typically sit in chairs, but you can choose to sit on the floor or bring a cushion to sit on. We often end the practice with a short metta or gratitude meditation. At the very end of the session, we'll spend a few minutes talking about issues that may have arisen in your meditation, recent research, or ways to practice outside of the session.  

I signed up but I can't make it every week.  
It's no problem to join in whenever your schedule allows.  There is no pressure or expectation to come to every session.

Can I be removed from the weekly reminder list?  
Absolutely. An email reminder comes from Mailchimp and you can remove yourself at any time.

Audio Resources

We understand that your schedule may not always allow you to make it to a session. Please feel free to keep up with your practice by using the recordings below that have been created by our group leaders.

  • body scan (audio file-coming soon)
  • mindful relaxation  (audio file)
  • meditation to help with sleep  (audio file-coming soon)
  • breathing meditation  (audio file)
  • hearing meditation  (audio file)
  • loving kindness meditation  (audio file-coming soon)
  • gratitude meditation  (audio file-coming soon)

Here’s what students have to say about the sessions

“This weekly meditation brings so much peace to my life and I wish I could attend more frequently! It has helped me slow down when so much at this university is competitive and fast paced. It's taught me about self-love and caring for your own body in a way that maximizes your potential.”

For me, even a half hour away from some type of screen was really helpful. My main motivation to come to the sessions was to work on my test anxiety and stress related to grades. I think I made some progress with this and I hope to keep attending.

My life would not be the same if I hadn't gone to these meditation sessions. I would probably still be depressed and constantly overwhelmed if I weren't taught how to meditate by a great teacher.”

The sessions are wonderful and provide a nice relaxing and comfortable environment, without adding the stress of attending every session or attending on time. The sessions leave me rejuvenated and wanting to come back!

These sessions are a wonderful resource for students at the University, and I feel so lucky to have access to them. These sessions have really helped me.”

I have been so grateful for the mindfulness sessions on campus. My day is often so busy, that having the ability to access a quiet space–with guided meditation–feels like a constant gift on campus. The sessions always help me return to my day in a better frame of mind, and help me be more kind to myself. Even when I can't make it (which unfortunately is often), the weekly reminder emails often contain small words of wisdom or advice that help me take a moment to calm down.

I'm so grateful I began attending Denise's mindfulness sessions. Learning about meditation and contemplative practice has transformed my life in the most beautiful ways. Martha Travers' courses have also been life-changing. I am finally finding happiness in the present moment, and I feel more willpower to be present in my life than ever.