Greetings LSA Students,


Are you still on a waitlist?  Wondering how it works and what to do next?


If you’re on a waitlist:


  • Go to the first day of class.  Enrolled students who don’t show up might lose their seats, so you could be in luck.  Introduce yourself to the instructor.
  • Look at other sections.  For lecture courses with discussion/lab sections, your ability to get into the class hinges on seats opening in your specific discussion/lab.  Look for available seats in other sections, especially those with less popular times.
  • Have a backup.  Really.  Just in case.  And go to it, so you don’t lose your seat and don’t have to play catch-up later.  You can always drop it (by 9/28).


Patience is key. If it pays off, here’s what will happen:


  • “Class Permission” email.  That’s what you’ll get, indicating that you (and you alone) can now enroll.  Yes, you have to register for the class; it doesn’t happen automatically.
  • It will expire.  This permission will have an expiration date, so read the email carefully to see how long you have.
  • Drop to Add.  You have to drop the waitlisted class, re-add it to your backpack, and then register for it.  Confusing, we know, but this video can help.


Each academic department manages the waitlists for its own classes, so you should contact departments with questions about specific courses.  But, if you’re still confused and need help, you can absolutely call us at the Newnan LSA Advising Center:  734.764.0332.


Finally, if you’re wondering how to get yourself onto a waitlist, watch this.


Wishing you a happy and successful fall,

Your LSA Advisors


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For appointments call: 734.764.0332

Hours: 8am-5pm M W F / 8am-7pm M W F


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