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Minor Requirements

The Minor in Translation Studies requires a minimum of 15 credits of courses. At least two courses have to be taken in Comparative Literature, and a minimum of 12 credits must be upper-level courses.

There are no prerequisites to the minor. 

No course will count towards the academic minor in Translation Studies unless the student receives a grade of C- or better

Coursework must be approved by the Translation Studies Advisor, according to the following plan:

  • 3 credits: either COMPLIT 200: Translation Across Disciplines or COMPLIT 322: Translating World Literatures

  • 3 credits: An upper-level course (taught at the University of Michigan or taken for credit during Study Abroad) that develops skills in a language or medium that the student will use for the capstone translation project. As a rule, an approved course plan for the Minor in Translation Studies will include at least one upper-level course in a second language. However, students interested in translating across different media, technologies, or disciplines may petition for exception to the language rule, by proposing an upper-level course that develops other skills relevant to the capstone translation project. 

  • 6 credits: two upper-level courses with a central component on translation (taught in any department at the University of Michigan, or taken for credit during Study Abroad). Students may select courses from a pre-approved list, or propose courses for approval. In the latter case, students should identify the translation component and explain the relevance of the course to the Minor.

  •  3 credits: A capstone translation project. In most cases, Minors will design their capstone project together with the translation advisor and/or a faculty member who works in the field and register for COMPLIT 498: Independent Study. Students can also choose to register for COMPLIT 495:  Senior Seminar, which is offered every fall. In that case, they will have to complete all coursework required for the seminar and develop a final translation-related paper or project for CompLit 495.

Approval of Upper-Level Courses

Below is a list of pre-approved upper-level courses that will count toward the Minor in Translation Studies. Please note, this is not a comprehensive list, and many of the courses listed below are not offered every term of even every year. Students are free to propose other courses (taken at UM or during study abroad) that include a central component on translation and are offered across a wide range of departments. All courses counted toward minor requirement must be reviewed and approved by the Translation Studies Advisor.

List of Pre-Approved Courses for the Minor

AMCULT 380/FTVM 380/LATINOAM 380/DIGITAL380 Studies in Transnational Media

ANTHRCUL 374/LING 374 Language and Culture

ARABIC 513 Arabic-English Translation: Theory and Practice

ASIAN 457 Translating Korean Poetry: Theory and Practice

ASIANLAN 441 Practicum in Japanese Translation (Hon'yaku jisshu)

COMPLIT 200 Translation Across Disciplines

COMPLIT 222/GTBOOKS 212 Great Books in World Literatures

COMP LIT 300 Global Humanities

COMPLIT 340/GREEKMOD 340 Travels to Greece

COMPLIT 382 Literature and the Other Arts

COMPLIT 422 Comparing World Literatures and Cultures

COMPLIT 490 Comparative Cultural Studies

ELI 390/EDUC 390/LING 390/RCSSCI 390 Community-Engaged Learning in ESL Teaching Contexts

ENGLISH 317 Literature and Culture

ENGLISH 375 World Literatures in English

ENGLISH 408/LING 408 Varieties of English

FRENCH 337 Seminar in Translation

FTVM 485 The Global Screen

GERMAN 449 Special Topics in English Translation

GERMAN 470 Workshop in Translation

GERMAN 472 Un/Translatability in Theory and Practice

GREEKMOD 330 Translating Modern Greek, Reporting the World

LING 342 Perspectives on Bilingualism

RCCORE 309 Study Off-Campus

RELIGION 363/MIDEAST 322 The Qur'an and Its Interpretations

SPANISH 289 Introduction to Translation

SPANISH 308 Workshop in Academic Writing

SPANISH 415/ROMLING 415 Problems in Language Translation

SPANISH 440 Literatures and Cultures of the Borderlands: The Politics of Language

THTREMUS 326 Intercultural Drama

WRITING 302 Global Communication: Rhetorical Approaches to Multilingual Conversation