The Comparative Literature major is interdepartmental and individualized. Students who choose to major in Comparative Literature have flexibility to work with faculty in several departments, and to pursue study abroad. Majors take a capstone seminar in the fall semester of their senior year, and they have an option to write an Honors Thesis. The Honors Thesis provides students with the opportunity to deeply explore a topic of interest in relation to their studies.

In this interview conducted by the Department of Comparative Literature, Comp Lit major, Anjali Sundar, describes her honors thesis. She explains why she is interested in translation, how she developed her interests in language, culture, and medicine into an honors thesis, and what she learned from the experience. 

Anjali Sundar '17 (BS in Biomolecular Science and Comparative Literature, Minor in Business Administration) wrote an Honors Thesis entitled "Looking through the Language Lens," on translation in medical contexts. She also served co-editor of the online student journal, Canon Translation Review.