My name is Hannah Zonnevylle and I am a current sophomore double majoring in Earth and Environmental Sciences and Comparative Literature. Late winter and early spring can be an anxiety-provoking time as once easy and light conversation moves quickly to summer plans and internship application statuses. It can be a very competitive environment and it becomes hard not to compare yourself to your peers and all of their accomplishments. Luckily for me, my majors and departments prepared me well for this. During interviews, employers were consistently very impressed and excited about my comparative literature major, telling me that one of the most important parts of the job was communicating concisely and with clarity; they loved the prospect of having someone who was well-trained in this skill. To give a little clarification, these are jobs that relate just as much to science as they do to humanities: this summer I will be interning with the Michigan Environmental Council, and this fall I will be interning with the Department of Environmental Quality for the State of Michigan. Reading and writing are invaluable skills in any field of work and having taken courses through the comparative literature major to refine your ability speaks volumes to employers and will make you stand out. I feel so grateful for the skills and resources that have been granted to me by the comparative literature department!