Anjali Alangaden grew up in a family of polyglots, sparking her interest in language and translation, eventually leading her to a linguistics major and a translation studies minor. Once she started paying attention to language on campus, she began to notice something: “The more I looked, the more I saw translation at work in almost every imaginable context. I was fascinated by the translation spectrum I began to see emerging.” For her capstone project in Translation Studies, Anjali worked as an intern for Absinthe (journal of world literatures in translation, published by the Department of Comparative Literature). She also conducted a series of interviews of people working in translation at the university “in an effort to explore the sides of translation that are so often overlooked.” She was interviewed for the Spring 2018 issue of LSA Magazine about her translation project.

You can read Anjali’s interviews and reflections about translation across campus on the Translation @ Michigan blog, and the LSA Magazine article can be found on the LSA website. We’re very proud to have Anjali as the spokesperson for translation at Michigan.