Avery Sandstrum, BA Comparative Literature ‘22, found her home in the Department while she was still in high school. Read below for her story on how she discovered Comp Lit, and how it brought her to the University of Michigan:

“I knew going into the college application process that I wanted to major in Comparative Literature; it was the only way to squeeze my love of languages, literature, history, culture, and the arts into one degree and still graduate on time. When I toured Michigan, I dropped by the Comp Lit department and was immediately impressed by their space, program, and faculty. I immediately felt so welcomed and after discussing my academic ambitions with representatives of the department, I knew it was a good fit. I still had a few schools to tour, but I couldn't imagine ending up anywhere but Michigan, so I stole one of the river rocks from their pebble garden with the promise I would commit to Michigan and return the rock when I came back to declare my Comparative Literature major. It's a cheesy story and I don't endorse thievery, but it was exciting to have a physical representation of what was waiting for me after graduating high school. When I went last semester to declare my major, I confessed my sin. My professor and department head Yopie Prins told me to keep it- I could return it when I graduate. So there my stolen rock sits on my windowsill, a daily reminder that I made the right choice.”

We are proud to count Avery among our Comparative Literature majors, and are touched by her passion and enthusiasm!