Neha Chava was awarded the 2022 Senior Prize in Literary Translation for her translation from French of an excerpt from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint- Exupéry. 

Neha, who just graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Health, & Society and in Comparative Literature, read an excerpt from her translation during Comparative Literature's Graduation and Awards Ceremony on April 29th and gave us an insight to what makes the Little Prince so relevant today. 

"The little prince teaches many lessons but most importantly keeping the childlike spirit within us all. As we set out to graduate and start our post grad life, this is very relevant. The text often mentions the rigid mentalities of the adult world and the need to not only challenge our own minds but to also promote the creativity and youthful exuberance in us all. One main chapter of the book that I chose to translate is the story of the fox. The story shows us the importance of creating relationships which has been especially important in finding community in spite of the pandemic."