Comparative Literature graduate student Duygu Ergun’s play, Barbara'nın Doğumu (Birth of Barbara), is being staged by the national theatre of Turkey! The play premiered in Bursa, Turkey on October 16th, and will be performed for an entire year.

Barbara'nın Doğumu, written in 2008 when Ergun was just eighteen, has been published in a 2010 book by Mitos Boyut, and has been in the repertoires of both the Turkish State Theater and the Istanbul City Theater since 2010. According to Ergun, “The play is about the life of a Polish/German woman called Barbara, who was born in the ruins at the end of the World War II. The story is about her everyday search for autonomy to live on among the constraints of history, her neighborhood, and family.”

We are very proud of Duygu’s accomplishments as an immensely gifted playwright!