In an April 1 article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Antoine Traisnel responds to French president Emmanuel Macron's accusations that the French academy is succumbing to the American fashion of identity politics, especially through postcolonial studies and critical race studies.  Traisnel writes:

"France, of course, has long feared Americanization. But the fascination triggered by this latest episode in a centuries-long culture war between the two nations stems from an unexpected role reversal. Typically, the United States is imagined to export Hollywood blockbusters, fast food, and bloated naïveté on the order of Netflix’s Emily in Paris; France is imagined to export fine wine, radical ideas, and François Truffaut. But the United States smuggling radical ideas into France? That’s a very different proposition. . . . What is really at stake is the use of the university as a pawn in an anti-Islamic campaign."