Recent Comparative Literature Ph.D. recipient Efrat Bloom was named Frankel Institute fellow. The Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies will host a prestigious group of 13 scholars this fall, gathered around the theme "Secularization/Sacralization" and led by Scott Spector, professor of history, German and Judaic studies.

"The Institute Fellows represent an amazing diversity of scholarship and achievement," said Deborah Dash Moore, director of the Jean & Samuel Frankel Center for Judaic Studies, which includes the Institute. "Many of them, having achieved renown through their research on topics not related to Judaism, are bringing a rich background to their current interest in Jewish subjects.

"This year's group includes such distinguished scholars as Michael Lowy and Guy Stroumsa, whose work in intellectual history is unsurpassed, as well as several fellows who bring new areas of expertise to the Frankel Institute, including museum studies scholar Jeffrey Abt and cultural geographer Jessica Dubow."

Established through a generous financial contribution from the Jean and Samuel Frankel Jewish Heritage Foundation, the Frankel Institute provides annual fellowships for scholars and artists around the world to conduct research on a given theme.

With the goal of advancing Jewish studies globally, it remains the only program of its kind at a public university in the United States. Additionally, the institute offers lectures, symposia, art exhibitions and musical performances to the public.