Spencer Hawkins' highly accomplished translation of Hans Blumenberg's Das Lachen der Thrakerin (The Laughther of the Thrakian Woman), complete with a scholarly introduction and annotations by our very same Spencer, has been accepted for publication by Bloomsbury* (formerly Continuum) and will appear in the series New Directions in German Studies.

Not only does Spencer thus join the sparse ranks of graduate students whose book is under contract before his Ph.D. is conferred, but he now shares a publisher with J.K. Rowling. Icing on the cake:  the book will be published simultaneously in hardcover and paperback. 

A fine vindication for our emerging specialization in Translation Studies --

*Bloomsbury just won three important awards for 2013, "Independent Publisher of the Year," "Academic & Professional Publisher of the Year" (both conferred by the Independent Publishers Guild) and the Academic, Educational & Professional Publisher of the Year (Bookseller Industry Awards).