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April 2021

Sean Tran

BA Communication and Media; BA Spanish; Minor in Entrepreneurship '21

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Affiliations: Vietnamese Student Association (VSA), Asian American High School Conference (AsAm HSC)

"No one has successfully convinced me that my life isn’t a movie. I’ve always dreamed about how I’ll be perceived onscreen to the kind of storylines and even potential scandals that I’d navigate. In this way, I genuinely think about Communication and Media everyday. Seeing the unexpected success of K-pop girl group, Brave Girls, becomes an exploration of how ageism and misogyny permeates fandom and the entertainment industry. Curating my Instagram feed feels as much like branding as it does creating my own personal world. Proclaiming my “love” of Netflix’s Emily in Paris involves analyzing all of the well-deserved criticism of the show, giggling all the while because Lily Collins’s Emily is somehow everything I thought being a Communication and Media Studies major would lead to. Whenever someone asks me why I’m a Communication and Media student, I proudly answer that it helps me dream...and I also offer a knowing wink."

Future Plans: While I’m still hoping that I’ll manage to stumble across the casting call for Riverdale or successfully follow the Tiktok to Popstar/Actress pipeline set by a Ms. Addison Rae, I hope to lead a life where I can continue my passion of storytelling. Wherever I end up, I want to continue connecting to others around me, sharing our stories that will be forever edited by these experiences. Will I continue saying that I don’t want a job? Yeah, probably. But it’s gonna be sexy. Why wouldn’t it be? I’m a University of Michigan Communication and Media Student!