Are you combining the Comm Studies major with another major or minor?

I'm going to take a digital studies minor. I think learning about the digital world is probably applicable to any field at this point in life. For Comm Studies specifically, it seems important to learn about how technologies work in our society in order to use them advantageously for marketing or PR.

What has been your favorite Comm Studies class so far?

I'm in COMM 431 right now which is about Supreme Court news. It's interesting seeing how things work in the Supreme Court and comparing it to how journalists present it to the public. It's also impressive to see journalists digest the legal jargon and explain to people in a way they understand.

What useful skills have you learned from your Comm Studies classes?

Being able to watch a movie or tv show and know what it takes to put out that production. Besides advertising, it's interesting to look at a media text and know what about it is going to make people want to watch it. It's easy to take things like that for granted and accept media for its entertainment value. I can appreciate things more now knowing how movies, TV, and such were probably put together and what about it makes it good or bad.