Why did you choose to major in Communication and Media?

I chose to major in Communication and Media because I was interested in learning about how media affect individuals and what implications these effects have for society. Our current social environment is so media rich, being that media messages are easily accessible through digital and mobile technologies, and I'm interested in how that shapes American culture.   

Are you combining the Communication and Medias major with another major or minor?

I am combining my Communication and Media major with a major in Screen Arts and Cultures. I want to create content, whether that be for television or documentary, and in creating that content I want to have a critical understanding of how it may affect my audiences. My SAC major has given me the skills to produce content, but I've really enjoyed exploring media from a communications perspective and negotiating the line between creativity and social responsibility.  

What has been your favorite Communication and Media class?

I'm currently in a media psychology class, COMM 281,  that's really interesting. We've been learning about how media affect cognitive processing and the emotional and behavioral implications of activities like watching TV, playing video games, and consuming ads. We've studied media violence, gender, and body image so far and it's made me realize how powerful mass media messages are as they create norms and expectations for people in our culture.



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