Fatima Al-zeheri is the Department of Communication and Media's most forward-facing staff member — as the Student Services Assistant, Fatima is an important and often times first point of contact for our students and faculty. She attended Arizona State University as an undergraduate student, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and then went on to earn her Master’s in Educational Leadership & Policy from Portland State University. Fatima is passionate about education and believes in the transformative power of education in bringing the world closer together.

“I believe the principles of global education are translated through our everyday work, which motivates individuals to communicate and work effectively across diverse cultures,” she said. Fatima enjoys working in student services because she loves the constant interactions with students and faculty. “As an educational leader, I believe that students must develop holistically in order to be successful both academically and socially."

"Lost Windows" by Fatima Al-zeheri

Outside of the department, Fatima is a self-taught artist and uses art as a creative outlet to communicate with passionate individuals and build bridges between cultures.

“I see art as a creative outlet and an opportunity to express my identity as an Arab-American by connecting the two cultures through creative arts.”

She specializes in creating acrylic landscapes and oil painting portraits, which have been displayed in several galleries and featured in fine art fairs. Her favorite piece, commissioned by a local doctor, is an acrylic landscape painting titled “Lost Windows,” which represents Eastern heritage through its special architecture. The concept of hope is represented through the windows in the paintings. Fatima says that although hope can be symbolized differently, it is known in the Middle Eastern culture that windows symbolize hope, change, and prosperity.

To view and learn more about her wonderful artwork, check out her website at artzoffatima.weebly.com