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The Department of Communication Studies offers many kinds of events, most free and open to the public. We organize and sponsor numerous lectures, workshops and conferences over the course of the academic year. Our programming covers a wide range of topics and features presenters from diverse disciplines and is designed to foster an understanding of the mass media and emerging media.


Communication and Media Speaker Series

Professor Keith Hampton "Social Media and Community: How Awareness Increases Psychological Distress and Decreases Democratic Participation"
Thursday, April 12, 2018
4:00-5:30 PM
Space 2435 North Quad Map
Social media has afforded a change to the structure of people's personal communities that allows for more persistent contact and pervasive awareness. In contrast to arguments that suggest new technologies are maximizing mobility to the point where people are nearly free from the constraints of time, space, and social bonds, social media are renewing many of the constraints and opportunities of an earlier, denser and more stable network of relations. As a result of the relational persistence, social ties and the contexts where they are formed are less transitory than at any time in modern history. Through the ambient, lean, asynchronous nature of social media, awareness provides for an informal watchfulness that was common in earlier communities. The result is heightened knowledge about the opinions, activities and mental state of ones' social ties. This awareness is associated with a number of beneficial outcomes, including higher awareness of social capital and social support, but it may also be associated with less desirable outcomes. This presentation focuses on a number of these outcomes, including social stress, a spiral of silence, and increased psychological distress over time.
Building: North Quad
Event Type: Lecture / Discussion
Tags: Social Media
Source: Happening @ Michigan from Communication Studies

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