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Department Postings


The Department of Communication and Media is currently accepting application for Fall 2020 GSI positions in COMM 101 (JOB ID 188291), COMM 306 (JOB ID 188293), and COMM 362 (JOB ID 188296). 

Please note that application materials received after the deadline of August 17th will not be accepted.

In order to be considered for a GSI position, applicants must submit the completed GSI Application Form along with the materials outlined on the GSI Application form to as ONE pdf AND submit an application at

If you have general questions about GSI positions, please visit our FAQs or email 734-764-0420.


COMM 101. The Mass Media – Fall 2020 50% Appointment

Instructor: Susan Douglas (

This class provides an introduction to the evolution and impact of the mass media and digital media on American culture.  Because the media have been, since the late 19th century, the major storytellers of our time, we will focus on the stories they have told us over the years, and provide you with important stories about the media, past and present. We will review the ideological, technological, industrial, and regulatory developments that have produced our existing media ecosystem, and consider how media content has, over the years, inspired considerable controversy over who should get to tell stories through the media and should not. Our goal is to provide you with a sense of the strong connectio404ns between the history of the mass media and their present-day formations and uses in the United States, and to provide you with the critical tools and language to deconstruct their storytelling assumptions and techniques.

COMM 101 lecture is a remote-only, asynchronous course.We are hiring for the following discussion sections:
005, F 12-1
006, F 1-2
007, F 2-3
008, Th 3-4
009, Th 4-5
010, Th 6-7

*Discussions may be offered in synchronously or asynchronously, depending on the preferences and needs of those hired; please indicate the courses for which you’d have availability if offered synchronously.


COMM 306.005. Representing American Jewishness – Fall 2020 50% Appointment

Instructor: Jamie Moshin ( 

Judaism--as religion, race, ethnicity and culture--is a fascinating area of study for communication scholars. Jewish Americans have long experienced many forms of in-betweenness (insider/outsider, "model minority"/marginalized, White/racialized "Other," etc.). In this course, students will gain first-hand knowledge of how American Jewish identity is conceived and represented, ranging from stand-up comedy to films about the Holocaust, from documentaries about Jewish tattooing to ethnographies about kosher butchers in small-town Iowa, and from Jewish hip hop artists to vampires. Students will come away with a better knowledge of what it means to "be" Jewish in the US and how that is represented, and how understanding Jewish identity lends to better understanding other identity issues.

COMM 305.005 lecture is a remote-only, asynchronous course.We are hiring for the following discussion sections:
006, W 4-5
007, W 5-6
008, F, 11-12

*Discussions will be offered synchronously and the GSI is expected to hold classes remotely during the scheduled times.


COMM 362. Digital Media Foundations – Fall 2020 50% Appointment

Instructor: Christian Sandvig ( 

This class is for those interested in practical skills and critical intellectual foundations relevant to the Internet and new media. Using context of Web-based applications, mobile applications, online multimedia, social media, and gaming, this course covers topics fundamental to understanding digital media forms, including an introduction to operation of the Web, Internet, Web development, search engines, digital formats, online media distribution platforms and networks, online communities, audiences, online advertising and user interfaces.

COMM 362 lecture is a remote-only, asynchronous course.We are hiring for the following discussion sections:
002, Remote
003, Remote
004, Remote
005, Remote

*Discussions will be offered asynchronously.