Michelle Biggs, Jeff Craft, Sarah Kandell, Anna Moyer, Rachel Sutton, you are the social glue, the institutional memory, the daily labor that keeps the department going. Congratulations for holding things together and keeping us on track through our external review, five hires, COVID 19, and much much more. You listened, advised, imagined, budgeted, gave timelines, remembered deadlines, joked, laughed, tolerated, and consoled us. Highest honors go to you.





Bianca J. Gallina, BS, Classical Archaeology and Earth & Environmental Science

Noel Shaye Grant, BA, Classical Civilization

Summer B. Hoffman, BS, Earth & Environmental Science; Minor, Latin

Cassie Johnivan, BA, Classical Archaeology

Sabrina N. Kettler, BS, Evolutionary Anthropology; Minor, Classical Archaeology

Carleigh L. Klusman, BS, Biomolecular Science; Minor, Classical Civilization

Jack Koulos, Biology, Health, & Society; Minor, Greek (Modern) Language & Culture

Fotini Michalakis, BS, History, Neuroscience; Minor, Greek (Modern) Language & Culture

John Nicoli, BA, Classical Civilization; Minor, Entrepreneurship

Alexandra A. Niforos, BA, English; Minors, Greek (Modern) Language & Culture, Global Media Studies

Josiah Olah, BA, Classical Archaeology, Classical Civilization; Minor, Anthropology

Lila Peters, BS, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology; Minor, Latin

Anthony Paul Polce Jr, BS, Computer Science; Minor, Classical Civilization

Eleanor Verrill Reich, BS, Computer Science; Minors, Latin, Music

Katherine A. Rice, BS, Classical Archaeology, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (Honors)

John A. Riceman, BSE, Mechanical Engineering; Minor, Classical Civilization

Gina Marie Savastano, BA, English, Creative Writing (Honors); Minor, Classical Archaeology

Ashley Tomaszewski, BA, Political Science (Honors); Minor, Greek (Modern) Language & Culture

Ashlyn L. Underwood, BBA, Business Administration; Minor, Classical Civilization

Celia Elizabeth-Mae Weberg, BA, Classical Archaeology, Anthropology

Dominique Be'Ate Williams, BS, Psychology; Minor, Classical Civilization



Celia Weberg, Classical Archaeology Prize: Awarded to the top undergraduate student for distinguished achievement in the study of Classical Archaeology.

Josiah Olah, Classical Civilization Prize: Awarded to the top undergraduate student for distinguished achievement in the study of Classical Civilization.

Alexandra Niforos, Calliopi Papala Politou Prize: Awarded in memory of Calliopi Evangelinos recognizing an exceptional undergraduate senior who excels in the study of Modern Greek.




Shannon Burton (Classical Archaeology), CfC Undergraduate Translation Prize for Euripides, Medea, 214–266: “The Indignity of Womankind”

Vasili Ioannidis (Economics, Modern Greek, and Business Administration), CfC Undergraduate Translation Prize for Dimitris Athinakis, «Αδυναμία» / “Frailty,” in Μέτρα λιτότητας / Austerity Measures, edited by Karen Van Dyck

Margarita Pipinos (Neuroscience and Modern Greek), CfC Undergraduate Translation Prize for Andreas Frangias, Λοιμός / Plague



Catharine Fennessey (Classical Languages and Literatures), Phillips Classical Prize for Latin 5

Belina Gaskey (Classical Languages and Literatures, Graham Sustainability Scholars), Phillips Classical Prize for Greek 1a and Latin 4

Kara Kozma (Classical Languages and Literatures, English), Phillips Classical Prize for Latin 1

Katerina Meidanis (Stamps School of Art and Design), Modern Greek Translation Prize, Intermediate Level

Christina Missler (Modern Greek, Biology) Modern Greek Translation Prize, Advanced-Intermediate Level

Elliot Phillips (Computer Science and Latin), Phillips Classical Prize in Latin 3





Allison Thorsen, Greek MA



Katherine Beydler (Classical Studies)

Environmental History and Historiography of Rome: Archaic Period to Empire

Committee Co-Chairs: Laura Motta and David Potter

Jan DeWitt (Interdepartmental Program in Greek and Roman History, IPGRH)

Money, Games, and Power: Rome’s Lower Magistrates and the Development of a City

Committee Chair: David Potter

Matthew Naglak (Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art & Archaeology, IPCAA)

Activity and Rhythms in Roman Fora in the Republican and Early Imperial Periods

Committee Chair: Nic Terrenato

Parrish Wright (Interdepartmental Program in Greek and Roman History, IPGRH)

Competing Narratives of Identity in Central and Southern Italy, 750 BCE–300 BCE

Committee Chair: David Potter

Arianna Zapelloni Pavia (Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art & Archaeology, IPCAA)

Cultural Change in the Religious Sphere of Ancient Umbria between the 6th and the 1st Centuries BCE

Committee Chair: Nic Terrenato




Laurel Fricker (PhD student, IPCAA), CfC Graduate Translation Prize for Fragments of Sappho, Parts of 31 Poems

Amanda Kubic (PhD student, Comparative Literature, MA in Greek), CfC Graduate Translation Prize for selections from Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke, Ωραία έρημος η σάρκα / The Flesh Is a Beautiful Desert



Evelyn Adkins (Phd, Classical Studies 2014) is Assistant Professor of Classics (since 2018) at Case Western University.

Britta Ager (PhD, Classical Studies 2010) has been appointed Assistant Professor of Latin at Arizona State University.

Zacharias Andreadakis (PhD, Classical Studies 2016) has accepted a permanent position as a Research Advisor (forskingsrådggjevar) at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Katherine Beydler (PhD, Classical Studies, pending 2020) has been appointed Assistant Director in the Office of Learning, Teaching and Technology at the University of Iowa.

Clara Bosak-Schroeder (PhD, Classical Studies 2015), Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Illinois CU, published Other Natures Environmental Encounters with Ancient Greek Ethnography with University of California Press (April 2020).

Andrea Brock (PhD, IPCAA 2018) began a Lectureship (in September 2019, equivalent to a tenure track Assistant Professor position) at St Andrews University (Scotland).

W. Graham Claytor (PhD, IPGRH 2012) is Assistant Professor of Classical Studies (since 2017) at Hunter College, CUNY.

Angela Commito (PhD, IPCAA 2014) took up a position (in September 2019) as Lecturer in Classical Archaeology at Union College (she was previously visiting assistant professor).

Jennifer Finn (PhD, IPGRH 2013) was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in the History Department at Marquette University, Wisconsin.

Erich Heiden (BA in Latin Language and Literature, MA in Latin with a Teaching Certificate, 2014) is the winner of the 2020 Glenn M. Knudsvig Award for Outstanding Latin Teaching in Michigan Secondary Schools.

Allison Kemmerle (PhD, IPGRH 2018) is a software engineer at Hubspot in the greater Boston area.

Katherine Larson (PhD, IPCAA 2015) was promoted (in Fall 2019) to the position of (full) Curator of Ancient Glass at the Corning Museum of Glass, and named Assistant Editor of the Journal of Glass Studies.

Leah Long (PhD, IPCAA 2012) took up (in September 2019) a position as Instructor of Art at Arkansas State University.

Paolo Maranzana (PhD, IPCAA 2018) took up a position as Assistant Professor of History at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul.

Jana Mokrisova (PhD, IPCAA 2017), Postdoctoral Researcher for the ERC-funded project Migration and the Making of the Ancient Greek World, University of Leicester.

Matthew Naglak (PhD, IPCAA 2020) has been appointed as Digital Scholarship Librarian at Boston College.

Amy Pistone (PhD, Classical Languages and Literatures 2017) joined the Department of Classical Civilizations at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington in the fall of 2019 as Assistant Professor of Greek Literature and Culture.

Adela Sobotkova (PhD, IPCAA 2012) took a position as Associate Professor of History at Aarhus University.

Christina Vallianotos (BS, Modern Greek and Neuroscience 2010, PhD in Human Genetics 2019), founded “Michigan DNA Day,” and is the Genomics Educator at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine in Farmington, Conn.

Parrish Wright (PhD, IPGRH 2020) has been appointed as Assistant Professor at the University of South Carolina.



Marshall Buchanan - FLAS fellowship and Rackham Travel Grant.

Andrew Cabaniss - Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, Outstanding UROP Mentor Award.

Caitlin C. Clerkin - David and Mary Hunting Graduate Fellow, Institute for the Humanities, 2020-2021. Sweetland Dissertation Writing Institute, Spring 2020.

Sheira Cohen - Rackham Public Engagement Internship at Michigan Publishing, Summer 2020. Organised a three-day international conference in Auckland, New Zealand, "Exchanging Ideas: Trade, Technology and Connectivity in Pre-Roman Italy".

Anna Cornel - LSA approved instructor-of-record for self-designed course CLCIV 250: Self & Other(s): Identity in Ancient Greece, Spring 2020.

Alexandra Creola - Fulbright Research Award, Italy 2020-2021 for her project “Roman Nymphs and the Underworld: Landscape, Religion, and Identity in Southern Italy”’

Kate Davenport - Onassis Foundation Diversity Scholarship.

Jan DeWitt - Rackham Travel Grant; defended his dissertation, completed his degree,

Christina DiFabio - Predoctoral Fellowship at Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) in Istanbul, 2020-2021.

Laurel Fricker - Contexts for Classics Graduate Student Translation Award.

Brittany Hardy - American School of Classical Studies in Athens Summer Session 2020 (cancelled). Brittany also prepared an introductory video for the online Latin placement exam.

Alanna Heatherly - Latin Day Coordinator.

Sierra Jones - Onassis Foundation Diversity Scholarship; Latin Day Coordinator. Sierra presented a paper at SCS on Diversifying Classics, funded by an SCS travel grant.

Sarah Keith - UM Library Scholar Sprint.

Amanda Kubic - Contexts for Classics Graduate Student Translation Award.

Emily Lamond - Sweetland Dissertation Writing Institute, Summer 2020.

Antonello Mastronardi - Rackham Conference Travel Grant.

Katelin Mikos - MA in Classical Studies; first member of Bridge cohort; successfully transitioned to PhD in Classical Studies.

Lizzie Nabney - Rackham Travel Grant.

Matthew Naglak - Defended his dissertation, completed his degree, and accepted a permanent position at Boston College.

Zoe Ortiz - Fulbright Research Grant, Italy “Restoring the Restored: Revealing the Role of the Gabii Sculptures from Antiquity to Today”; Council of American Overseas Research Centers’ Multi-Country Research (CAORC) Fellowship Program, alternate.

Sara Panteri - Rackham Travel Grant.

Malia Piper - Sweetland Dissertation Writing Institute, spring 2019.

Robert Santucci - Rackham Travel Grant.

William Soergel - Rackham Travel Grant.

Megan Wilson - Curator, UM Prison Creative Arts Project in October 2019. See “Prison Arts: University of Michigan volunteers crisscross state to piece together art exhibition by Michigan prisoners,” by Fernanda Pires, Michigan News, February 27, 2020).

Parrish Wright - Defended her dissertation, completed her degree, and accepted a tenure track position in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of South Carolina.

Arianna Zapelloni Pavia - Defended her dissertation, completed her degree.



A special thanks to all the students who served, led, communicated, organized, imagined, facilitated, and made our lives richer!

Classical Studies Language and Literature Grad Reps: Sarah Keith and Robert Santucci

IPCAA Grad Reps: Shannon Ness and Machal Gradoz

IPGRH Grad Reps: Jan Dewitt and William Soergel

Classical Studies assistant professor-Kelsey Museum assistant curator search committee: Alexandra Creola

Modern Greek-Comparative Literature assistant professor search committee: Drew Cabaniss

AIA Reps: Melissa Gryan, Laurel Fricker, Bailey Franzoi

Brown Bag: Andrew Mayo (Lang and Lit), Emily Lamond (IPGRH, Fall term), Stephen Shiflett (IPGRH, Winter term)

DEI committee: Malia Piper (Lang and Lit), Fernando Leme (Lang and Lit), Lauren Oberlin (IPCAA), Katelin Mikos (Lang and Lit)

FAST Organizers : James Prosser, Bailey Franzoi, Machal Gradoz (setup), Joey Frankl (Cleanup), Caroline Nemechek, Leah Bernardo-Ciddio

GEO stewards: Henry Upton (Lang and Lit), Catherine Schenck (IPGRH), Brittany Hardy (Lang and Lit), Leah Bernardo-Ciddio, Nadhira Hill, James Prosser, Alex Moskowitz, Caroline Nemechek (IPCAA)

IPCAA Art History Liaison: Melissa Gryan

IPCAA Alumni Newsletter Editor: Amelia Eichengreen

IPCAA Digital Curator (one-year trial): Joey Frankl

IPCAA Vox: Alex Moskowitz

Job Seekers: Katherine Beydler (Lang and Lit), Edward Nolan (Lang and Lit)

Kelsey Reps: Zoe Jenkins (main), Shannon Ness

Latin Day: Sierra Jones (Bridge MA), Alanna Heatherly (Lang and Lit)

3 Fields: Anna Cornel (Lang and Lit), Marina Goggin (IPGRH), Nadhira Hill (IPCAA)

Website: Antonello Mastronardi (Lang and Lit)





Natalie Abell returned from a year’s leave supported by fellowships from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation and ACLS. She is completing revisions on her book, Ayia Irini: Area B, and a number of articles. She served on the successful search committee of the joint Modern Greek-Comparative Literature Assistant Professor position.

Sara Ahbel-Rappe was a Princeton University Council of the Humanities and Department of Classics Visiting Fellow (winter and spring 2020). In the fall semester, she was the Bridge MA director and also organized “Soul Matters: An International Conference on the Concept of Soul in the Platonic Tradition,” supported by a UMOR-FGE grant from the UM Office of Research Faculty Grants and Awards Program. The conference proceedings are under contract with AAR-SBL as an edited volume. She engaged the Detroit-based theater company “A Host of People,” which performed a reduced version of their play Cleopatra Boy for our Martin Luther King celebration.

Sue Alcock was appointed provost and executive Vice Chancellor at UM Dearborn.

Nicola Barham (Assistant Professor of History of Art, Assistant Curator Kelsey Museum) was appointed Affiliated Faculty in Classical Studies. She is a core faculty member in the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology. She has been awarded the Getty/American Council of Learned Societies Postdoctoral Fellowship in the History of Art (2020) for her project, “Syrian Diasporas in the Ancient Roman World: Soldiers, Wives, and Economic Migrants.”

Netta Berlin was the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the fall semester of 2019 and the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for both Honors students and for and transfer students.

Anna Bonnell-Freidin (Assistant Professor of History) was appointed Affiliated Faculty in Classical Studies. She is a core faculty member in the Interdepartmental Program in Greek and Roman History, as well as an affiliate of the Science, Technology, and Society Program.

Ruth Caston completed her third year as the Director of Undergraduate Studies and will be the Director of Graduate Studies next year. She was on leave in fall 2019 working on her book, Terence’s Comic Art (under contract with OUP) and a number of articles on Latin poetry.

Aileen Das was a Fellow at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C. and, combining it with a semester’s nurturance leve, spent the academic year working on her new book project, Ars Brevis: Greco-roman and Islamicate Medicine in Time. Her first book, Galen and the Arabic Reception of Plato’s Timaeus, will be published this fall (October 2020) with Cambridge University Press.

Basil Dufallo received a contract from Oxford University Press for his book Disorienting Empire: Republican Latin Poetry’s Wanderers. He chaired the DEI committee.

Ian Fielding received a Loeb Foundation Fellowship and combined it with a nurturance leave for a full year working on a new book, which will show how the satires of Juvenal have shaped ideas about the “decline and fall” of the Roman Empire.

Sara Forsdyke is the recipient of a LSA Michigan Humanities Award for her current book project, “Democratic Justice: The Jury Trial in Ancient Greece and in Modern America.” She has been selected for a Collegiate Professorship (pending provostial and regential approval), the highest honor given to faculty by LSA. Her book, Slaves and Slavery in Ancient Greece, is in production at Cambridge University Press.

Ben Fortson received a Michigan Humanities Award. Combining it with a Sabbatical, he was on leave all year working on his translation and commentary on De Verborum Significatione (On the Meaning of Words) by grammarian Sextus Pompeius Festus, commonly known as the “Festus lexicon” or simply “Festus.” Though on leave, he was the Academic Advisor for Classical Civilization.

Linda Gosner, Assistant Professor of Classical Studies and Postdoctoral Scholar in the Michigan Society of Fellows, won a Loeb Grant for the Sinis Archaeological Project for the 2020-2021 academic year. She organized the symposium and workshop “Connectivity and Mobility in the Ancient Western Mediterranean” with funding from many programs and departments and from UMOR Faculty Grants and Awards. She will begin in the fall as Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology at Texas Tech University.

Brendan Haug’s work as archivist of the UM Papyrology Collection was featured in the article “Better with Age” by Brian Short in LSA Magazine. https://lsa.umich.edu/lsa/news-events/all-news/search-news/better-with-age.html. He served on the successful search committee for the Classical Studies-Kelsey Museum joint position. His monograph on water and society in the ancient and medieval Fayyum is under advance contract with U-M Press. His article “Civilizing the Past: Egyptian Irrigation in the Colonial Imagination” is forthcoming in the Journal of Egyptian History. A further article on the history of the Michigan Papyrus Collection is under submission at AJA.

Richard Janko received an ACLS for his work on The Derveni Papyrus: A New Edition with Introduction, Text, Translation, and Commentary. He was the Academic Advisor for Classical Languages in the fall semester.

Artemis Leontis’s book Eva Palmer Sikelianos: A Life in Ruins was named one of the “Books of the Year 2019” in the TLS section thus titled and in the Wall Street Journal. Her project “Queer Correspondence” with Sarah Keith was selected by UM Library for a Scholar Sprint. She gave the keynote address at the Modern Greek Studies Association Symposium in November 2019. She served on the successful search committee of the joint Modern Greek-Comparative Literature Assistant Professor position and was Academic Advisor for Modern Greek.

Despina Margomenou presented work at the Modern Greek Studies Association Symposium and at the conference “Stellar Ventures from the Shores of Crete to the Plains of Macedonia” in honor of Stelios Andreou at the School of History and Archaeology Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her nomination for Collegiate Lecturer has been forwarded to the Provost and Regents.

Donka Markus has been a significant partner in coordinating the Elementary Latin Program, assisting on all levels and crucially helping with the transition following the retirement of Dr. Debbie Ross and hiring of Shonda Tohm as the new Elementary Latin Coordinator. She also assisted with the transition of the Latin placement test to an online format. Her essay “Harmonizing binaries: Hypatia’s Synesius,” is forthcoming in the International Journal of the Platonic Tradition.

Laura Motta has been working on new data collected for the “Geoarchaeology of the Tiber Valley” project which she leads with Andrea Brock (funded by the Loeb Foundation and the Gerda Henkel Foundation), and for the collaborative FWO (Flemish Scientific Council 2018-2021) grant “Rethinking Roman Nutrition.” Both projects were featured in the LSA magazine https://lsa.umich.edu/lsa/news-events/all-news/search-news/when-in-rome.html . She was the Academic Advisor for Classical Archaeology.

Lisa Nevett was selected as the Archaeological Institute of America’s Martha Sharp Joukowsky Lecturer for 2019/2020, speaking in five US cities before ‘shelter-in-place’ orders took effect. In addition she presented conference papers at the Pella Archaeological Museum (Greece), the Danish Academy of Sciences (Copenhagen) and the Annual Meeting of the AIA. She submitted three book chapters and a journal article for publication. She completed her 7th year as Director of IPCAA and served on the successful search committee for the Classical Studies-Kelsey Museum joint position.

David Potter published The Origin of Empire: Rome from the Republic to Hadrian (264 BC-138 AD) (Profile, 2019). His book Disruption: Why Things Change is heading into production (Oxford). His new edition of the Wiley Companion to the Roman Empire is progressing, with quite a few alumni amongst the contributors. He is preparing The Oxford History of the Roman World in 11 volumes (with N. Lenski and N. Rosenstein, Oxford, 2021). He continues as faculty secretary of the Faculty Senate.

Zachary Quint, Classics and Modern Greek Librarian, attended the 85th World Library Information Congress, hosted by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) in Athens in Summer 2019. He is part of The Greek Digital Journal Archive (GDJA) / Το Αρχείο Ελληνικών Ψηφιοποιημένων Περιοδικών (ΑΕΨΠ), a consortium of libraries and archives in North America and Europe committed to open online access of their historic journal and newspaper collections in Greek and other languages, and presented this work at a special session of the Modern Greek Studies Association Symposium in November 2019.

Christopher Ratté was Elizabeth A. Whitehead Distinguished Scholar at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens and the recipient of a Michigan Humanities Award for his work on the “Notion Archaeological Survey.” He gave invited lectures on the work at Notion in Athens, Izmir, Oxford, and Istanbul.

Francesca Schironi’s book The Best of the Grammarians: Aristarchus of Samothrace on the Iliad was awarded the Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit by the Society for Classical Studies, the national association for the study of Greco-Roman philology and culture. The Charles J. Goodwin Awards of Merit are presented for outstanding contributions to classical scholarship: they are the only honors for scholarly achievement given by the Society. Francesca also won a Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship for Winter 2021.

Celia Schultz was awarded a Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies Fellowship at the University of Uppsala for 2020-2021 to work on a monograph on Roman sacrifice. She has also been selected as the William Evans Fellow at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand (now postponed to 2021). She submitted a complete typescript of Fulvia, Center Stage to Oxford University Press, where it is under contract. She has been the director of IPGRH for the past 2 years and this year’s department Faculty Diversity Ally.

Gina Soter organized Biduum Latinum Michiganense, an event offering two days of active Latin, with funding from Arts@ Michigan, Contexts for Classics, and Classical Studies. She supplied the faculty with classics humor (and a few groans) during our mandatory quarantine. She was the Undergraduate Advisor for Latin Minors and nominated for a Golden Apple.

David Stone was nominated for a Golden Apple Award. In the current academic year he published “Craft and Food Production in the Cities of Algeria” in the Journal of Roman Archaeology; “Geophysical and Field Survey Research at Olynthos, 2014” in To Αρχαιολογικό Έργo στη Μακεδονία και στη Θράκη and a chapter (co-authored with T. Horsley, Ν. Αλεξάκης, Μ. Τσιούμας), “A Diachronic and Regional Approach to North African Urbanism,” in the edited volume Regional Urban Systems in the Roman World, 150 BCE–250 CE.

Nic Terrenato gave invited presentations on his book The Early Roman Expansion into Italy: Elite Negotiation and Family Agendas (Cambridge UP, 2019) at Manchester, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Rome, Sydney (New York and Cape Town postponed because of the pandemic) and received very positive reviews. He has another book under contract, Introduction to Roman Archaeology (also with CUP). He was the acting Bridge MA advisor in winter 2019.

Shonda Tohm began her first year as the department’s Elementary Latin Coordinator, managing all the parts of her complex position: teaching students, training GSIs, mentoring our Latin MAT student, planning for the future of the Latin MAT. She also spearheaded the transition of the Latin placement exam to an online format. Welcome Shonda!

Arthur Verhoogt was nominated as a UROP Outstanding Research Mentor. He completed a three-year term and (pending regental approval) was reappointed as Associate Dean of Humanities at Rackham Graduate School.

Carrie Wood continues as a model head section leader forGSIs in Great Books, Her teaching philosophy together with her expertise in the canon and her profound reflection on the very meaning of a canon are an invaluable resource for our GSIs, who are learning how to navigate both the texts and topics surrounding the teaching of Great Books.