The Department of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan is seeking nominations for the 2022 Glenn M. Knudsvig Award for outstanding teaching of Latin and the classics.  Through this award, the Department wishes to recognize instances of innovative and creative teaching of Latin, and of commitment to bringing the classical world to as many students as possible.  We are especially interested in nominations for teachers who have worked to develop strong programs in less than optimal circumstances, such as in large urban or small rural schools, teachers who have started and subsequently grown their programs, and those who have encouraged more students to go on in Latin than might have been expected. 

Nomination letters should include the name of the teacher, their school, and a brief description of the Latin program, as well as relevant information supporting the nomination.  Both middle-school and secondary school teachers in the state of Michigan are eligible.  Teachers are encouraged to nominate themselves.

Nominations may be submitted by email to:

The deadline for nominations is April 4th, 2022