During his visit to the University of Michigan for the annual Gerald Else Lecture in Classics, Professor Oliver Taplin (Oxford University) will lead an informal workshop on classical translation, focusing in particular on translating Greek tragedy from ancient Greek into literary English.


Graduate students or advanced undergraduates at the University of Michigan are invited to apply for this workshop.  Participants will be expected to pre-circulate their own literary version (preferably in verse) of a passage from Sophocles. 


The passage selected by Professor Taplin is lines 555-581 from "The Women of Trachis"  (otherwise known as "Trachiniae" or "Deianeirae").   Two recent English versions are the Loeb translation by Lloyd-Jones (1994) and the Penguin translation by Raeburn (2008).  


If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please contact yprins@umich.edu no later than February 15 for more details.  Your statement of interest should include information about your departmental affiliation and year of study, your academic interests, your background in ancient Greek, and any previous experience as a translator.    


This workshop is sponsored by Contexts for Classics and the Department of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan.