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Placement Procedures


The first step in using the Department's placement service is assembling a dossier to be kept on file in the Department office.  The dossier consists of:

Dossier cover sheet* (prepared by job seeker) — The cover sheet must be signed as it authorizes the department to release the dossier for placement purposes.

Graduate Record Form* — A list of graduate courses filled out or furnished by job
seeker (either the form can be used, or the job seeker may create an equivalent listing)

Curriculum vitae (furnished by job seeker)

Letters of recommendation (requested by job seeker; give each recommender a signed release form)

Teaching evaluations Optional — The Department has started to maintain teaching eval data for GSIs – check with Michelle to see if we have your data.  We have them for Classics department courses only.

*These forms, along with recommendation request/waiver forms, are available for download from the CTools site “Classics Placement”.  Please send an email to Michelle ( if you need access to this site.

Use the release forms on CTools to request letters of recommendation. Mark the form to show whether you waive your right of access to the letter. Each dossier and all letters in it are governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 whereby all recommendations are non-confidential unless access has been waived, in which case they are confidential and access cannot be granted under any circumstance. Recommendations should be in letter form and submitted by the recommender, along with the waiver/request form, directly to the Department office. (Department faculty should use Department letterhead.)  If you are requesting a recommendation by mail, send the waiver/request form along with the letter requesting the recommendation. You will be notified as each recommendation is received; please keep track of which have been received and which are still outstanding.  It is your responsibility to remind your recommenders as your application deadlines approach.

Requests to Send Dossiers

Once the dossier is complete, you may request copies be sent out by bringing address labels to the office, filled out with the names, addresses and application deadlines of the institutions to which you are applying.  Please put your name or initials on the back of each label. We receive address labels from many people — this is the only way we can keep them straight and make sure we’re sending the right dossier to each institution.  Alternatively, you may send your requests via email — please still include the names, complete addresses and application deadlines of the institutions. Dossiers will generally be sent out within one working day of when we receive the request, and will always be sent out within two. However, please keep deadlines in mind when you submit your requests. First class mail can take anywhere from 2-5 days depending on the destination. A record will be kept showing to whom dossiers have been sent and you will receive an email confirmation when your dossier is sent.

Job Listings

The Department subscribes to the APA Positions for Classicists and Archaeologists and The Chronicle of Higher Education. All postings are sent via email to the CTools site and are archived on the site. All members of the CTools site receive a copy of the email when it’s sent to CTools.  If you don’t want to receive the emails you must change your preferences in “My Workspace” on CTools.  You will still be able to see the postings on the CTools site.  The Department’s copy of the Chronicle is placed in the Lounge (2115B Angell) when it arrives – feel free to flip through it if you prefer to look at the postings yourself, however, please don’t remove it from the Lounge.  A printed copy of the monthly APA listing is posted on the bulletin board in the Lounge – again, please don’t remove it from the Lounge.


Postage is charged at cost; copying at five cents per copy. In addition, there will be a charge of fifty cents per dossier to cover the cost of envelopes, labels, and incidental supplies necessary to support the placement service. A record of expenses will be maintained and you will be billed during the summer. Payment must be received in order to continue your use of the placement service.

Progress Reports

Please keep the Department informed of your progress in the position search and let the Chair know immediately when interviews are scheduled or offers received or accepted.