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14. Now all of your senses have become intimately acquainted with the complexities of garum, and even though most Romans can only dream of being surrounded by so much garum, you admit that this is too much! As you are day-dreaming, you begin to lose your balance and fall into the garum vats.



17. Before you can have another thought on your predicament, you are drudged out of the fishy sauce by the owner and plopped down on the hard surface of dry land. The owner is irate because the vat you fell into held garum that was being prepared to be sent to a wealthy noble in Rome. While the owner wails about the loss in profits, you decide that you have interfered enough in the lives of Lixus locals and that you should try your luck in a different North African city. With as much stealth as one covered in garum can manage, you successfully sneak back to the docks and board the last ship heading for Carthage.

17. A passer-by who happened to be walking near your vat immediately runs over to help you out of the sauce. You smell terribly of garum as you are completely covered in it. Multiple visits to the baths (balnea) cannot remove the smell (odor) from your being though you do not give up hope. You have heard the rumors of the healing properties of the dry, Carthaginian air and decide to give air bathing a try. You head to the docks and board a merchant ship heading to Carthage.