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MAURETANIA. Lixus. Circa 50-1 BC. AE (Bronze, 28 mm, 11.62 g, 7 h). Male head to left, wearing tall bonnet with hanging cord. Rev. 𐤌𐤐𐤏𐤋 - 𐤋𐤊𐤔 ('lkš mp'l' in Neo-Punic) Two grape bunches. MAA 167. Mazard 630. SNG Copenhagen 692-3.

11. Apparently, this customer is known around these stalls as a relentless haggler while also trying to peddle odd relics.

“Nomen huic est Senex Serpens,” Nummus says. “Numquam Senem Serpentem videre possum, sed Senex aderit hodie.”

Before Nummus is able to disclose more information about Senex Serpens, a cloaked figure emerges suddenly from the crowd and grasps at Nummus’ shoulder (humerus), seemingly agitated by your conversation. You holler at the figure, breaking them out of their anger-trance and filling them with terror. They flee! As Nummus recovers himself, he notices an amulet left by the figure lying on the ground and picks it up. You and Nummus inspect the strange amulet which is fringed with Marutanian nummi. The coins’ reverse are stamped with images of enticing grapes hanging from vines.



16.  After some discussion between the two of you, you decide to part ways here and travel to the land of these luscious grape vines, Lixus, by yourself on foot (pedibus).

16. You tell Nummus how badly you would like to visit Lixus and he sets you up with a boat ride. You board the ship and head to Lixus by sea (mari).