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10. Along the walk to the amphitheater (amphitheatrum), you and your companions admire the blend of architecture styles from all over the Mediterannean. 

“Spectate! quantum templum est!”

“Spectate illas picturas! Illas statuas!”

You continue your walk until you arrive at the amphitheater and you all spend the entire day at the games (ludi).



16. As you're leaving the amphitheater (amphitheatrum), you catch a whiff of something irresistibly pungent. You go to the stand from where the delicious scent oozes. A friendly merchant tells you that the scent is coming from a delicacy in the Roman empire and that the delicacy which you crave is in Lixus. You go to the docks that evening to rest up for your voyage to Lixus.

16. On your way out of the amphitheater, you hear a herald (praeco) announcing another great gladiator show coming up in Lixus. Well-pleased with the show in Carthage, you decide to bid your friends farewell (valete!) and continue your journey in Lixus.