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9. You make so much from this sale in fact that you are able to close up early! As you ponder over what you should do with the rest of your day (and the rest of your money), your mind drifts to Lixus, a city on the farthest edges of the West coast. With Lixus on your mind, you decide to head off to the docks. Upon your arrival you discover that most of the boats are still unloading their cargo and will not be leaving the docks for some time. There are two boats at the end of the dock that are sailing to Lixus within the hour. Which one should you choose?



16. Your first choice is to purchase a ride on a quiet, comfortable sailing boat with a beautifully carved goosehead decorating the stern of the ship (cheniscus).

16. Your other option is to hitch a ride with a group of grizzly-looking mercenaries (milites mercenarii) on their way home to Lixus.