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MAURETANIA. Lixus. Circa 50-1 BC. AE (Bronze, 28 mm, 11.62 g, 7 h). Male head to left, wearing tall bonnet with hanging cord. Rev. 𐤌𐤐𐤏𐤋 - 𐤋𐤊𐤔 ('lkš mp'l' in Neo-Punic) Two grape bunches. MAA 167. Mazard 630. SNG Copenhagen 692-3.

8. Senex Serpens has introduced themself to you and holds out their hand. Wrapped around their arm is a bedazzled amulet (gemmans amuletum). You observe the glimmering gemstones and notice a coin dangling from the chain as well. You look at the coin, and imprinted onto the hanging coins are luscious bunches of grapes and you notice that the coin is from Lixus.



16. You ask the senex serpens if you can buy it from them and they agree to sell it. Once you have obtained the amulet, the senex serpens quickly scurries away. Left with the coin, you interpret it as your fate (fatum) to head to Lixus.

16. Senex Serpens explains that a god has urged them to seek “mercator ab Mare” and to bestow upon them this token which will reveal their destiny. Without much warning, Senex Serpens shoves a small amuletum at you and quickly slithers off to rejoin the scurrying crowd. Confused, you take this as a sign (signum) to head to Lixus.