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29. He tells you that he is actually on his way back to Lambaesis and invites you to accompany his unit (cohors) on the journey! You find this offer exciting and agree to tag along on the legion’s return to base.



30. Along the way to Lambaesis, you see many animals that you have never seen or even heard of before. At the third milestone from the camp, you and your companions spot a huge sow (ingens sus) lying on the ground. Mirabile visu! This must be a sign from the gods for you to stay here in Lambaesis. This is your new home where you will make a new life for yourself.

30. As you are walking along with the legionaries, you keep asking them about their lives and adventures and you find yourself wishing you could write it all down. Then it occurs to you - you want to be a travel writer (scriba) for the army! You decide to continue following Legio III Augusta back to Lambaesis and will accompany them on their adventures for the remainder of your days.