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26. Once you arrive at a wonderfully orante bathhouse (balneum), you decide to exercise for a short time before entering the warm, first pool (tepidarium) of the three-pool bathing process.



30. You exercise in the gardens (horti), bathe, and apply the cinnamon oil. It is truly the finest perfume you have ever smelled and you are excited to show off to the friends (amici) you will make along the way in your future adventures.

30. As you make your way to the gardens, you walk past several carts selling warm meals and beverages. The bath can wait; you must try this food with your freshly obtained spices. The combination of flavors is like nothing you have ever tasted. You sigh in contentment as you enjoy your meal. Upon tasting this one recipe, you decide to dedicate your life to creating the ultimate cinnamon cookbook.