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20. Just as you expected, you had no trouble finding someone in the stalls who would be knowledgeable about plants from around the Empire. You approach the stall of a spice merchant (venditor condimentorum) who is surrounded by numerous baskets of different aromatic herbs and ask if they could identify this plant and tell about its uses. The venditor condimentorum easily recognizes these twigs as cinnamon sticks (cinnama), a popular scent for perfumes, and are amazed that you have such a precious plant and did not know its use.



26. You sigh and tell the merchant that is a long story as you have been on an even longer journey. Satisfied with the knowledge you have just gained, you ask the merchant to point you in the direction of the city’s bathhouse so that you can unwind and try out your new cinnamon.

27. You sigh and tell the story of your travels, how you have come to Carthage, and the curious events that lead to you obtaining these plants. The merchant hands you a small bag of anise seeds (anisum) for your troubles. You are very flattered and still curious about the properties and uses of all the other spices for sale. You decide to stay to learn more.