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25. You’ve just made a great profit on the trade AND you have a nice portion of garum. Fully satisfied with the events and profits of the day, you amble aimlessly through the marketplace, looking at all the interesting wares for sale in the stalls. As the sun runs its course and darkens the sky, you decide to leave the marketplace.



30. On your way out of the marketplace, you stumble upon a nearby restaurant at just around dinner time. You decide to splurge on a large dinner and personally request that the cook use your garum. You feast for the entire night and that night you dream of a land filled with endless garum, headed by a garum king. You are at peace.

30. You head on back to the docks with arms heavy with garum. You stumble upon a merchant ship filled with barrels of garum. You ask to join them on their journey, surrounded by infinite streams of garum. You feel blessed.