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22. An animal handler has approached you and asks: Esne mercator? You tell him that you have some connections and he asks you to help him purchase 5 amphorae (large vessels) of olive oil (oleum). You decide to head closer to the docks to see if any shipments of olive oil have just arrived. The animal handler darts from your side and approaches a merchant ship currently in the process of unloading a shipment of oil. You see that he has found what he is looking for and you begin to wander around the docks. You approach a row of exceedingly large vessels (dolia) and are curious to see what is inside.



30. You lean in close but can barely see the bottom of the vessel, so you lean up over the lip to get a better look. You lose your footing and fall into the dolium! You shout, but it doesn’t appear that anyone is around. You remain stuck in the dolium for some time and you eventually fall asleep. You wake up from being jostled around and you hear the sounds of the ocean (mare). You realize that you have been placed on a boat and at sea, on your way to an unknown location. Journey awaits!

30. You accidentally bump into a dolium and it causes a domino effect - all of the dolia begin to fall, crack, and plummet into the sea. A group of angry men rushes over to you. You think quickly and commandeer a nearby raft (ratis). You sail away, unharmed, while the angry men shout at you from afar. Having gotten yourself into trouble in Lixus, you decide to continue your journey onward!