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18. You arrive at the large villa of the rector provinciae and are led to the garden (hortus) inside. The governor Patruelus is delighted to have you in the province and invites you to stay in his residence for dinner and join him to see a show at the city amphitheater.  A day at the ludi (games) typically consists of an elaborate procession into the theater, a morning show of beast fights (venationes), a lunch program with mock fights and criminal punishments, and an after-lunch line-up of gladiatorial combats.



22. You arrive just in time for the beast fights (venationes) which occur before lunch. An animal handler (bestiarius) approaches you.

23. As an animal handler is leading a tiger (tigris) into the arena, it breaks free from its fetters and rampages into the crowd. Everyone flees! You run into a nearby templum for safety.