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Biteen Lab: Starch Utilization System Assembles around Stationary Starch-Binding Proteins

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      1. Dreyfus-Teacher Scholar Award for Szymczak
      2. Sanford Named to AAAS
      3. Biemann Medal for Hakansson
      4. Sanford Honored with Election to National Academy of Sciences
      5. McNeil Lab: A more accurate sensor for lead paint
      6. Schindler Named 2016 Packard Fellow
      7. Sloan Fellowships for Pratt and Schindler
      8. Walter Lab: Resolving Subcellular miRNA Trafficking and Turnover at Single-Molecule Resolution
      9. Maldonado Lab: Cheaper, greener way to grow cystalline semiconductor films
      10. New polymer allows researchers to study how proteins fold, function
      11. Researchers focus on cell membranes to develop Alzheimer's treatments
      12. Video: Research on Lipid Bilayer and Relation to Amyloid-β
      13. Biteen Lab: Accounting for the "scooching effect"
      14. Pratt Lab: Molecular Iodine Found in Arctic Atmosphere
      15. Marsh & McNeil Named AAAS Fellows
      16. Ramamoorthy Lab: Nanodiscs catch mis-folding amyloid proteins
      17. Ault Named 2018 Sloan Fellow
      18. Biteen Lab: Starch Utilization System Assembles around Stationary Starch-Binding Proteins
      19. Biteen Lab: Starch Utilization System Assembles around Stationary Starch-Binding Proteins
      20. Pratt & Ault Labs: Harmful algal blooms can become airborne
      21. Meet Professor Bunsen Burns
      22. Shedding New Light on Photosynthetic Pigments
      23. Ruotolo Lab: New Method to ID Proteins
      24. Energy Research And Education Fuel McCrory CAREER Award
      25. Building Motors to Drive Nanorobots
      26. Fast, sensitive mass spectrometer will help UM chemists profile proteins and metabolites
      27. Award Season for Michigan Chemistry
      28. Chem Alum Receives Honorary Degree, Gives Rackham Commencement Address
      29. Alum Named Science Teacher of the Year
      30. MichiganChem boosts facility for atomic resolution
      31. DOE Early Career Award for Kerri Pratt
      32. ACS Honors Alum Weihong Tan
      33. Michigan Adds Chemistry Education Faculty Position
      34. Mapp Lab: New research clarifies how ‘fuzzy’ proteins can be used to develop novel drugs
      35. Karle Symposium Showcases Our Innovative Research
      36. UM scientists improve synthesis of PET imaging molecules
      37. MichiganChem Goes to the North Pole
      38. Diversity Service Award for Nicolai Lehnert
      39. Two elected Fellows of Royal Society of Chemistry
      40. Graduate Student Coordinator Honored
      41. 2018 Mentoring Award Recognizes Unique Programs
      42. Chen Named AAAS Fellow
      43. Chem 211 makes organic chem lab real for intro students
      44. Stephenson Lab: Designing a safer drug building block through photocatalysis
      45. "Compute-To-Learn" Bridges Classroom to Real-World Experiences
      46. Meet Roy Wentz: Chemistry's Custom Glassblower
      47. Michigan Students to Organize American Chemical Society Grad Symposium
      48. Anna Mapp honored for exceptional efforts to recruit and mentor students from non-traditional backgrounds
      49. Chemistry Alums Boyd and Pérez-Temprano Named to Talented 12
      50. Sharing Chemistry with the Community
      51. Awards Luncheon Offers Recognition for Outstanding Students
      52. Chemistry Faculty and Staff Collect Honors for Their Work
      53. Chemistry Writing: More Than Just Lab Reports
      54. Featured on the UM Gateway: Chemistry D-RISE Alum
      55. Hot climate, cool science :: Novel instrumentation applied to Arctic atmosphere earns Pratt "40 under 40" honors
      56. Kennedy Awarded Martin Medal for Achievements in Separation Science
      57. UM Chemists finding new opportunities in quantum science
      58. Alumna Sumita Mitra Inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
      59. Walter lab: RNA molecule senses a small metal ion to ramp up bacterium’s detox machine
      60. Create for Chemistry art contest
      61. Matzger Lab: A fix for insoluble drugs
      62. Dope Labs podcast explores the science behind pop culture phenomena
      63. Travel begets new data and new insights for Michigan Chem grad students
      64. Kopelman Lab: Nanoparticles + photoacoustic imaging-- a route to better cancer treatment decisions?
      65. Wang Lab: A productive first year
      66. National ACS Awards for Four Michigan Faculty
      67. Montgomery Named Thurnau Professor
      68. Mental Health, Well-Being and Research
      69. U-M to 3M: Transitioning to Industry after your PhD
      70. Chemistry Coping with COVID-19
      71. Chem Alums Create Crowdfunding Platform
      72. NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Announced
      73. Chem Master's Application Re-opened
      74. Chemistry Awards Announced
      75. New podcast: "My Fave Queer Chemist”
      76. Meet Josh Buss
      77. M|CORE: Preview program lowers barriers to graduate school
      78. Soellner Joins Michigan Chemistry
      79. Meet Chem Lecturer Nicole Tuttle
      80. Thank You for your support on Giving Blueday!
      81. Chemistry Researchers Apply Their Expertise to COVID-19
      82. Learning to RELATE
      83. Celebrate Commencement 2021
      84. RNA holds the reins in bacteria: Walter Lab observes RNA controlling protein synthesis
      85. Ruotolo Lab: Specialized technique captures unique protein structures in neuropathy disorders
      86. Faculty Promotions Approved
      87. McNeil Lab: Recycling disposable diapers into sticky notes
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LSA Professor Emerita and Alumna Ilene Forsyth Gives $6.25 Million to History of Art Department

The gift will expand U-M’s global reach in art history studies through a new distinguished professorship and a visiting graduate student fellowship.

- Brittany Smith

Tags: Alumni; History of Art; Anne Curzan

McNeil Lab: Recycling disposable diapers into sticky notes

Chemical recycling method repurposes superabsorbent polymers into pressure-sensitive adhesives

- Taylor Soucy, SciComm Fellow

Tags: Chemistry

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