Blog 1

The program helped me to further my knowledge on the topic by applying and further diving deeper into our topic, healthcare, and how it is accessed by the people on a global scale and how it differs from our system. It was interesting to look at all the differences and the things that make their system work to see where we can incorporate some of the policies in our system. Helping people by just providing them with healthcare, which is what I want to do, is not enough. We must be able to provide people with equal access and better healthcare, given that we are spending so much of our GDP on healthcare. Also, this trip gave me a chance to interact with a diverse group of people from both countries, which only enhanced my understanding and interpersonal skills which will be helpful in the future.

Blog 2

Being a recent immigrant to the States, I have had really interesting experiences over the years. So it was really fascinating to go to another country and be perceived as an American. London being so diverse it was really interesting to interact with people from different backgrounds in different contexts. This diversity also makes it easier to fit in the community. There is a huge population of people who share the same identities as me, and it was really nice spending time with them and getting advice and help from them over the period of time that I was there. These memories are the ones I am not going to forget. 

Travelling abroad can be and is a challenging experience, but when you are comfortable in expressing your identity you will always be able to find someone to help you and that can make your time abroad worth it. I found it more fascinating to be in the UK during a time when Brexit is a hot topic and looking at how it would affect the working population there, since a lot of them come from other EU countries and they might have to leave the country if and when Brexit happens. It was quite an experience talking to people who might have to leave their jobs and get to know their thoughts on all of this.