Being Latinx in a predominately white institution has always been a challenge. During my freshman year, I struggled a lot with my identity and being in a place that felt like I didn’t belong. I would exclude myself or purposely not place myself in situations where I knew that I was going to be the only Latina. However, spending more time at Michigan allowed me to both embrace my identity and also face my anxieties about an irrational fear of exclusion.

While abroad, the group was all female and predominantly Black or Latinx. I felt extremely comfortable and participated more than any other class that I’ve taken at Michigan. However, I found myself surrounding myself with people whose identities were drastically different than mine. I had never felt more comfortable being the only minority in a group, and I think that that is the result of finally becoming comfortable in my identity. Since I didn’t have much anxieties over this, I was able to enjoy my time in London and make the most of it.