Being a Latina in London was one of the best feelings while abroad. I was surrounded by people from all races and ethnic backgrounds that it was rare I felt like my identity made me feel out of place. Instead, I felt like my identity helped me connect more with other people because they wanted to learn about me just as much as I wanted to learn about them. There is a mass amount of Latinx individuals living in London, and it was so great to be able to learn from people who were also LatinX, but had so many different traditions compared to my own. I felt like while I was abroad I had the opportunity to connect more with the community I am a part of, while learning about others’ culture and tradition.

Overall, I feel like I was positively able to manage my mental health while abroad. However, there were times when I caught myself not feeling my best. It was so easy for me to be so caught up in everything that was surrounding me, that I would not dedicate time for myself to just process my day to day and just reflect overall. When I stopped doing that, I felt like my energy immediately changed because I would get irritated quickly and just not be in the mood for things. When I noticed that about myself, I quickly realized that I needed to take a step back and just reflect. By doing that, I gave myself time to process my experience without feeling extremely overwhelmed.