All blog posts are by University of Michigan students who have participated in a CGIS program. The following blogs are students studying abroad in Peru. 

Spring/Summer 2018

Annika reflects on her spring term in Cusco, Peru

Well, I made it to Peru!  I have to say, getting here was an adventure in and of itself.  But two airlines, three planes, and ten hours of layovers later, I’m finally here.  As you can probably tell from that last sentence, I had a lot of time to think about the coming three weeks, dwelling on my doubts, my fears, my hopes, and my expectations. Will my host family like me?  Will I like the food?  How bad is the altitude sickness going to be? Will my Spanish be good enough?  I wonder what Machu Picchu will be like. I wonder where else we’re going to visit. I hope I get along with everyone.  All of these thoughts and so much more have been racing through my mind since I got on the first plane in Detroit.

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