The other identity that impacted my time abroad was my identity as LGBTQ. Dublin had its Pride event while I was studying here. It was very affirming to attend Pride in a foreign country and see so many people who had traveled for this event. I had attended Pride in the US before, but attending it in Ireland was very overwhelming and lovely. In general, being LGBTQ in Dublin was a positive experience which caused me no other issues. Everyone who I met, who I told about my identity, was positive and understanding. Perhaps that is because their prime minister has a LGBTQ identity himself.

Finally, my identity abroad gave me another chance to explore the world and feel more confident in myself as I traveled. I was able to travel various places and keep myself safe despite my identity. The housing office that placed me did a fabulous job as many of my roommates had a similar identity and we were able to get along very well. The culture in Dublin is accepting and laid back, so it is a very friendly city to visit as a person of any identity. While some issues could have arisen, I didn’t face any personally.