CGIS is currently working on providing program recommendations for specific majors/minors. Please note that these are simply recommendations, you will need to speak to your academic advisor to ensure that you get the appropriate credit that is needed to fulfill specific requirements abroad.

Cognitive Science Abroad

Important: Cognitive science students who are considering studying abroad should first meet with an academic advisor to discuss their course records, and/or the process of submitting a course petition.

To submit a course petition to the Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science, please fill out and submit the Cognitive Science Undergraduate Study Abroad Petition form. Please be advised that the Undergraduate Committee will only review up to three (3) study abroad course petitions per student per semester. Students submitting more than three (3) course petitions will be required to meet with an academic advisor.

Academic Credit for Cognitive Science Courses

To count toward the cognitive science major, all study abroad courses must be transferable into the University of Michigan and approved by the Weinberg Institute. Students may transfer up to 20 non-LSA credits, which may be used toward the graduation minimum of 120. Please reference the LSA Transfer Credit process.