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Psychology & Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN)

The Psychology Department encourages students to pursue opportunities abroad. Studying abroad will provide an opportunity to understand how the sociocultural ethos of various countries shapes the pedagogical, as well as the theoretical and methodological approaches, to the study of psychology.

Study Abroad courses that are often used for Psych/BCN major requirements. Students can typically find courses that fulfill breadth/gateway, cognate, and upper-level/advanced course requirements. Generally, the Psychology major is more flexible and most programs that offer Psychology courses will have options that align with the Psych major requirements at UM. However, only courses in which the majority of content focuses on Biopsychology/Cognitive Psychology/Neuroscience may qualify for BCN advanced coursework.

Process for approval: The approval process is conducted over email. However, students should always consult with a Psychology Department advisor to see how credits abroad might count towards a major. Please note that the Psychology Peer Advisors do not assess study abroad coursework - consult with a staff advisor. To submit a course for review:     

a) Email with the following information for approval:

i)   Institution/Program Name

ii)  Class Number (ex. Psy 305)

iii) Class Title

iv) Term you took/will take the class

b) An advisor will then let you know if a detailed syllabus is required for approval. Note: if you have the syllabus when you send your initial request, you are welcome to include it.

i) A detailed syllabus includes:

(1)  Instructor’s name

(2)  Term class was offered

(3)  Prerequisites (if any)

(4)  Brief description of course

(5)  Textbook and/or list of assigned readings

(6)  Assessment/description of each assignment

(7)  Daily/weekly schedule of topics covered

ii) If any of these pieces are missing, evaluation may be delayed.

After completing the course: Once you have completed the study abroad course and the grade has been posted to your UM transcript, email to have an advisor officially apply the course to your major requirement.

Contact: Email with any questions, or click here to schedule an appointment.

Funding opportunities: Financial aid and scholarships are available for many programs and the LSA Study Abroad Scholarship is also available to all eligible LSA students.

Next Steps: Attend a First Step session (optional), where you will learn general information about studying abroad through CGIS. You can then meet with a Psychology Department staff advisor to discuss how it might fit into your major requirements and also schedule an appointment with a CGIS advisor who will be able to help you through the application process and can address any of your questions or concerns in relations to curriculum, navigating your identity, navigating through a specific country, and so much more! 


Programs with courses for Psychology majors:

Programs with courses for BCN majors: