Before participating in a CGIS program, you must register for your program through Wolverine Access using the program's STDABRD title and number. (Students registering for a spring language course will not use an STDARBD course number but instead enroll for the course as it appears in theĀ LSA Course Guide.) Each program has its own course number (for example, STDABRD 280, STDABRD 412).

This course is a placeholder that allows you to be registered even though you might not know exactly how many credits you will take while abroad. If there is a difference between the number of credit hours you have registered for and your actual course load, CGIS will post to your academic record the number of credits you have earned, in accordance with the transcript or grade report we receive from the program abroad.

You are not permitted to register for a combination of STDABRD and UM classes during the same semester without approval from you CGIS advisor if not already approved as part of your program. If you fail to register for your CGIS program or fail to register for the correct number of credit hours before departure, you will be dismissed from the program.