1. Students must have a FAFSA on file for the current academic year.

Note: Spring/Summer financial aid packages utilize FAFSA information submitted for the academic year that begins in the preceding Fall term. Ex: Spring/Summer 2018 student financial aid packages utilize FAFSA information from the 2017-2018 academic year.

2. Eligible students will need to complete a study abroad financial aid request form:

  • CGIS will provide a financial aid request form to CGIS students. CGIS students should not download a financial aid request form from the Office of Financial Aid website.

  • The form provided by CGIS will have study abroad program information already filled in. Students should review this information to ensure its accuracy, read carefully remaining information and initial/sign where indicated.

  • The timeline for this process varies by semester. Approximate timeline for when students will be asked to submit FA request form, according to semester of abroad program, is as follows:

    • Academic Year/Fall: June

    • Winter: late September/early October

    • GIEU/GCC: Early January

    • Spring/Summer: late February/early March

3.  Financial aid packages will be reviewed after the Office of Financial Aid receives FA request forms from CGIS. Student cost of attendance will utilize expense amounts based on study abroad budget sheets.

Note: The Office of Financial Aid, not CGIS, is responsible for working with financial aid packages and advising students on their available funding. CGIS students should work with advisors in the Office of Financial aid to understand if and how their financial aid packages will be adjusted because of their enrollment in a study abroad program.

4. Students should review adjusted financial aid packages via their student account on Wolverine Access.