Hello, welcome to Granada! I will be showing you around the best part of the entire city- the neighborhood that surrounds the street I live on: Calle Musico Jose Ayala!

The best part of this street is that it is in walking distance to other fantastic landscapes and attractions of the city. Located right next to the river, one can easily take a nice walk/ run alongside the water all the way to “La Parque de Tico Medina,” or go the other way to explore more of the center of the city.

For the “foodies,” there are a nice variety of restaurants and convenient stores around it that make it easy to grab a meal or a late night snack. Near the river, there are cafes with outdoor seating and umbrellas so people can lounge in the summer heat. Tapas are served there as well, which is always a treat.

Siesta time is fairly busy as well, since people can be seen walking the streets during their time of relaxation. Sometimes there are a group of break dancers that show up occasionally after school that practice their moves using a boom box. According to a verified source (my host parents) these dancers are actually the champion break-dancers in all of Spain! With a free viewing of such talent, there is no way anyone can deny that this “barrio” is the best around.

So, I am sure that some of you are wondering: how is the nightlife? The closest discotecas that are popular require at least a fifteen minute walk from the neighborhood. On weekend nights, people come out as they head out to the various pubs and bars across town. This barrio is ideal for a quiet good night’s sleep, but a prime location to walk to other sources of nightlife. Well, I hope you enjoyed learning about Calle Musico Jose Ayala and the “barrio” surrounding it- adios!

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