As I reflect on my time in Granada, I can’t help but feel a slight bit sentimental. I have absolutely loved my time here and I’m not ready for the program to end. I have already begun to feel the sort of impact this trip has had on my perspective moving forward. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and I would order up six more weeks if I had the opportunity. Here’s a list of some “dos and don’ts” for a potential trip to Granada.


1) Be flexible: This experience marked my first time visiting a country other than Canada. I really had no clue what to expect, but I’m convinced now that not knowing is A-okay. I didn’t come in with expectations, and throughout the six weeks, I actively reminded myself to keep an open mind. I’m glad I did, and I think it has opened the door for me to experience this program in a positive way.

2) Explore: Granada has so much to offer. I’m convinced there are still so many more spots I have yet to recognize. Try different bars, explore different streets, get lost, and enjoy the city’s many peculiarities. Furthermore, Spain has so many beautiful spots worth visiting. Traveling is super easy and the country is home to lots of incredible and accessible history.

3) Seize the Day: My time here has gone by incredibly quickly. I’ve been able to spend these 40 days trying new things and seeing new sights, but I still find myself wishing I had a little more time! Take advantage of every day you have- they will fly by.


1) Spend time in Dunkin Donuts: Sure, Dunkin Donuts is home to pretty awesome frozen coffee. Nonetheless, I think it’s worth while to postpone your cravings until you return home. Try a new cafe!

2) Underestimate the Class: It’s very easy to enjoy Granada and spend your time exploring and enjoying yourself, but remember that your first priority is Spanish 230. Studying will help improve your speaking ability too!

3) Pack too Much: While leaving the US, I was convinced I would need to bring half of my closet to Spain. Moreover, soon after arriving here, I wanted to buy all sorts of new clothes and shoes. Long story short, I could have came with half of the clothes I actually brought.