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Global Course Connections (GCC)

Global Course Connections (GCC) programs include two components: an on-campus course during winter semester and a 3-4 week off-campus field experience that takes place during the following summer. The field experience is a short extension of the on-campus course during which particular themes and topics introduced on campus are explored. Any LSA Pell Grant student who participates in a GCC program will automatically receive the GCC Pell Grant Scholarship that will cover the listed program fee (see individual brochure pages on M-Compass for program fees for each GCC). LSA Students who receive Financial Aid (who are not Pell-Grant eligible) may apply for other financial aid opportunities for the program fee and travel expenses through M-Compass.

2017-2018 GCC Offerings

Below are all GCC offerings for the 2017-2018 academic year. The 2018-2019 GCCs will be announced soon. 

GCC Brazil—Theatre and Incarceration

Learn how theatre can support community dialogue and social change.

GCC China—Musical Arts and Instruments in China

Learn to play traditional Chinese instruments culminating in a final ensemble performance!

GCC China—Research in Educational and Cross-Cultural Settings

Compare Chinese and American educational models and values.

GCC Italy—Italian Language and Comics

This program will explore the history of comics, the making of comics and comics themselves in the Italian context. 

GCC Italy—Oceanography in Italy

Students will experience first-hand the topics and ideas discussed in lecture, investigating processes such as tides, waves, currents, and sea life, as they happen at the beach and in the sea. 

GCC India—Perspectives in Global and Community Health

Explore issues in healthcare, human rights, and environmental effects on health.

GCC Israel and the West Bank— Intergroup Conflict, Co-Resistance, and Social Change

Collaborate with Palestinian and Israeli students in developing a dialogue-based project centered on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and focused on education.

GCC Peru—Indigenous Communities and Globalization

Travel with your professor and classmates to Cusco, Peru and surrounding communities for a breathtaking learning experience high in the Andes Mountains.

GCC Tanzania—Swahili Language

Immerse within communities if native speakers, allowing you to learn the local culture!

GCC Thailand—Perspectives in Global and Community Health

Examine current population level health needs by investigating historical, cultural, sociological, and political structure of health and health care delivery systems in Thailand.