One of the biggest concerns most students have is affordability. CGIS works with various providers around the world to provide academically enriching programs that are also priced as inexpensively as possible. Costs vary considerably between programs. Different financial models exist, and program expenses depend on many factors (local cost of living, fluctuating exchange rates, whether you’re in-state or out-of-state, class standing, and so on). 

You may not know that there are various opportunities that can help you cover most of the program fees, if not, the entire program fee depending on your financial need. Students can take their financial aid packages as well as apply for scholarships that can assist you with your program fees, airfare, and more! 

Many students believe that they cannot afford a study abroad experience because of financial barriers, but thanks to the support of the UM’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, the LSA Scholarship Office, and the Office of Financial Aid, we can help students break down these barriers. Take some time to explore the CGIS Affiliated Scholarships below and explore scholarships available from other U-M units along with national scholarships as well. For any questions or concerns regarding eligibility, please feel free to email the LSA Scholarship Office at Keep in mind that if you choose to enroll in less than 6 credits in a spring/summer program, you will NOT be eligible for any Federal or Institutional financial aid, including LSA Scholarships.

Speak with a representative right now!

The LSA Scholarship office is holding open advising sessions today from 4-5pm. You can also find out more information about Financial Aid & the LSA Study Abroad Scholarship below! 

Some questions to ask when you speak with an advisor

The Office of Financial 

  • How do I pay for study abroad?
  • What scholarships are available at U-M for study abroad?
  • Can my financial aid be repackaged based on my study abroad?

LSA Scholarship Office

  • How do I pay for study abroad?
  • What scholarships are available at U-M for study abroad?
  • How do I apply for an LSA Study Abroad Scholarship?
  • What if I am a pell grant recipient?

If you want to do a little more research before you speak with a representative, browse the following resources on financial and scholarships: