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Emergencies Abroad

In case of an emergency involving a CGIS student abroad, call the following as appropriate:

CGIS Emergency Phone: Answered 24/7, this private number is provided to program leaders and international partners.

If for some reason the CGIS Emergency Phone is not answered, call the University of Michigan Police Department: 734.763.1131 (staffed 24/7, will accept international collect calls). Let the dispatch officer know that there is an international emergency involving a CGIS student, and provide contact information for CGIS to call you back.

During business hours, you may also call the CGIS Office directly: 734.764.4311, M–F, 8am–5pm

HTH-GeoBlue Emergency Assistance: 888.243.2358 or 610.254.8771 (staffed 24/7, the 610 phone number will accept international collect calls)

In an emergency abroad, you should:

  1. Call 911 or the local equivalent
  2. Contact the on-site director, faculty member, program assistant, or other designated on-site contact
  3. Call the CGIS Emergency Phone or the UM Police Department (UMPD)
  4. Identify yourself as a participant on a CGIS program
  5. Provide your exact location
  6. Provide contact information (multiple forms if possible: Facebook, email, and so on)
    o    Tell the CGIS responder or UMPD dispatch officer what is wrong
    o    Answer any additional questions
  7. A CGIS Staff Member (or UM Emergency Responder) will provide further instructions.

In case of a medical emergency, you should:

  1. Go to the nearest hospital or doctor, or call the local 911 equivalent.
  2. Notify the on-site director/staff, faculty member, program assistant, etc.
  3. Contact HTH Worldwide who can assist and monitor medical care until the situation is resolved. HTH has a 24/7 emergency assistance service. To access this, call: 888.243.2358 or 610.254.8771 (collect). You may also email HTH has nurses available 24/7 to answer medical questions.
  4. Once the condition is stable, contact CGIS Emergency Phone or the UM Police Department.

CGIS Emergency Response Team
In the event you are routed to a CGIS Emergency Responder, the phone will be answered by one of the following 8 people: Michael Jordan, Pardip Bolina, Rachel Reuter, Ebony Ellis, Sarah Pauling, Nyanatee Bailey, Cristina Zamarrón, Carolina Fuentes, Melinda Fenn, or David Estada (CGIS staff).